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Stories From Kiribati


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The First Coconut Tree

Posted by Amota Eromanga on June 6, 2012 at 4:05 AM

Once in the past, an elderly man married to his daughter-in-law after the passing away of his only son. Their re-marriage was possible since the father had been a widower for some years. How happy was the father whom he was now the husband of a young and very beautiful lady.

But one thing did not ever changed since their first day of marriage. The young wife would never allow a single kiss from her husband. It was impossible for her and the choice of death was easier than a kiss approval. She just couldn't accept it no matter how hard he had tried!

Because of this, the old husband became very sick and in his last breath, he whispered to his wife, "Promise, you will keep and look after a plant that will shoot out of my grave." Before she could answer, the man died peacefully.

It was true! A special young plant grew out of his grave. Nobody on the island had ever seen a plant like this before. Years passed and the plant grew into a big tree. Round green fruits started to hang down from the tree. The wife could wait no longer but took one and quickly removed the skin. To her surprise, the fruit had two eyes and a mouth!

"Never mind, it's only a fruit" she comforted herself. Then after opening the mouth, she held the fruit to her mouth, tilted her face upwards and started drinking.

"At last; you have kissed me!" a familiar voice whispered into her ears. She instantly realized who was whispering but the coconut was so tasty she hardly stopped.

It was indeed the first coconut tree ever grown on Kiribati islands.


Categories: Legends & Myths

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