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Stories From Kiribati


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The Lady In The Moon

Posted by Amota Eromanga on June 7, 2012 at 3:30 AM

Once, a lady fell to an island from nowhere. She got married to a man and not long after that, they had a pretty little girl. The child was so spoiled that whatever she cried for was granted to her by the parents. She cried a lot and for different desires.

One day, she cried again. This time she wanted to go to the sun and the moon. She cried from morning until night and night to morning for wanting to be taken up there. The father came up to no other choices but to do what his daughter desired.

He prepared a strong canoe with 17 sails and 17 paddles. Then he looked for some crew among the strong men in their village. Just before the team set off, the father warned everyone not to talk to strangers!

The sail was up and off they went. As the men paddled, the wind was also pushing the canoe. It was the fastest and the longest trip any canoe had ever made. The sail got worn out so they put up the next one. The same thing happened to the next sail, so they put the next sail and the next and so on.

On the way, they passed along islands of strange people. The strangers had enormous feet and ears. Everybody on-board kept quiet except one of the paddlers who shouted, "Mauri ngkami! Tera ae iangoaki?" But all of a sudden, his ears and feet began to grow bigger and bigger.

"Throw him over board or the canoe will sink!" ordered the father who was the captain. The cursed paddler was thrown over board and was never seen.

The same thing happened to next paddler and then to the next - like that - every time they passed an island until they finally reached the sun. With the last remaining sail, the father and the daughter who were now the only remaining survivors used it to cover them from the sun's heat.

"You go now to the sun!" said the father.

"No, it's very hot!" the girl refused.

So together they sailed to the moon. When they arrived there, he told his daughter to go to the moon. But again, the daughter refused, "No, it's too cold"

The father just pushed her off and sailed back home all by himself.

Still to this day, the girl is up in the moon!


Categories: Legends & Myths

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