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Land Fishing - Coconut Crabs

Posted by Amota Eromanga on July 1, 2012 at 12:30 PM

I am glad to share what I know on how to catch many coconut crabs. This method - catching coconut crabs - is quite different from the methods used for catching fish from the lagoon or ocean although both use the same term ‘akawaan’ literally ‘fishing’. Others call it ‘land fishing’. If you have already known a method like this before, I hope the one I’m sharing now is somehow a little different. If not, allow me to publish it for others.

Things you need:

i) grater

i) two coconuts

ii) four green leaves of non (norinda citrofolia) tree

How to make it:

Take two coconuts and have them grated. Cut four leaves of the non tree into small pieces. Then mix grated coconut and the leaves together. Make a fire and put some stones over it until the stones become hot. Then put your mixture over those hot stones and move them around (stir). Wait until the colour of grated coconut turns brown and both oil and smell come out from the mixture. Take the mixture from the fire and put it into any container. Your mixture is ready – it is what you need to trap the crabs.

What to do next?

Then just before dark, go to the bush and rub the mixture against the trunk of a young coconut tree. If you can, try to rub the trunk upwards until you get to the leaves. After two or three hours, go back and check that coconut tree. No doubt, you will see many coconut crabs gathering around that tree. The smell of the mixture has attracted them. Remember to check the top of the tree (the leaves) as these crabs can climb. Now collect and take them home for your family. Yes, they are delicious!

The best time for this ‘land fishing’ is when the nights are long and dark. Try this method if you want to trudge homewards with plenty of coconut crabs for your family.


Categories: Culture & Custom

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