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Stories From Kiribati


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Both Of Us

Posted by Amota Eromanga on July 11, 2012 at 12:20 AM

[It was during a wrestling match held on one of the outer-islands]

The sports commentator announced the names of the next wrestlers, “Ruuka versus Marabu”. The two young men walked into the field, tied their lavalava tightly and began pulling and pushing each other.

“Who is going to win the match?” the crowd watched this battle with excitement.

All of a sudden, Ruuka sent out a loud fart which surprisingly blew his opponent onto the ground. Laughter burst out from the crowd, “One of the wrestlers farted, but which one?”

“Hey, it was you!” Ruuka spoke loudly to escape from the truth of the blame.

When people heard that, they all laughed and pointed, “Hahahaa! Marabu farted!”

“Oh, no. He has shamed our village! He shouldn’t have represented our village!” the people of Marabu’s village shook their heads in shame.

“Hey wait! I knew that my bottom didn’t do it.” Marabu resisted and he then turned facing Ruuka. ”Please tell the truth? Who really did fart, me or you?”

Ruuka knew that if he said ‘you’ his opponent would surely deliver a punch, but if he said ‘me’ people would then laugh at him. So he replied, “Both of us!”

Marabu hugged his opponent, looked towards the crowd and said, “Did you hear that? We both farted!”


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