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Traditional stories disappearing

Posted by Amota Eromanga on July 24, 2012 at 6:55 AM

Some may while others may not agree that 'many of our traditional stories have been disappearing from our midst'. What would you say then in regards to that generalization? Feel free to share your opinions below in the comments.

SFK is in support of those who agree that our traditional stories have been disappearing from our midst – ears and minds of our people!

Below is the list of reasons or indeed new practices or new ways of life of the people believed to have caused our stories to disappear:

• the night leisure activity of story telling to children at home is less actively practised or in many families it is no longer practised anymore.

• many parents and elders these days don’t tell stories to their children at home or community.

• many parents consider story telling as the activity that has to be done by teachers inside the classrooms during school hours.

• teachers nowadays tell less stories to children at school.

• teachers prefer to tell or read prescribed stories as well as modern stories rather than traditional ones to their children.

• our known or inspired story tellers on the islands have died taking their stories away with them.

• some people consider stories playing very little or no important parts at all and therefore start to ignore it.

• old story books have been thrown away, left rotten or neglected therefore dying out with traditional stories in them.

• students pay less attention and interest in traditional stories.

• students pay more attention and interest to listening and reading modern and academic stories.

• some students and parents consider story telling as a time killing activity for both children and teachers and therefore shouldn't be encouraged in school.

• many children and even adults do not know many popular traditional stories and therefore could not tell or pass them to others.

• many children prefer to watch video (visual media) rather than listeninng to stories conveyed verbally or in written forms.

• Bible stories are more popular than traditional stories.

You can name more ...

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