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Stories From Kiribati


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A Man From Nowhere

Posted by Bwena on September 1, 2012 at 7:00 PM

“It’s a man!” whispered my little sister quietly and with fear. I patted her back and told her to keep still. I looked directly to the figure with eyes wide open. Was it really a man? It could be.

The house was dark and quiet. The rest of the family members were sleeping in the open room. It was just my little sister and I inside the room. We remained silent for some time until I managed to gain enough courage.

I got out of the mosquitoe net, grabbed a big window stick and walked quietly toward the shape. What looked frightening was his movement which seemed that he was after something. I had already started breathing heavily and slowly. I tried to swallow but my saliva got stuck at the back of my throat. Something blocked it from travelling down. Yes, the cold feeling that rose up inside me, the heart beats of fear as well as the vibrations of my body.

a man from nowhereThough my body was heavy and thick, I still limped forward. My grip on the stick became tighter. There I was, standing right behind him. I knew that with one blow, he would be a loser. He would also have no time to defend himself or even escape.

“BANG!” my stick landed somewhere on his upper back. At the same time, I screamed at the top of my voice as a strange loud noise bumped into my ear drum.

The sound made everyone jumped up from their dreams. They ran and turned the light on to see what had happened.

There, in front of them, was me standing shockingly with a stick - and in front of me was the aluminium bucket with a mop lying on the floor!



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