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Why the sky is far away?

Posted by Amota Eromanga on October 1, 2016 at 5:20 AM

Long ago the sky was close to the earth. Men and women did not have to plant their own food or go fishing. Instead, when they were hungry, they just reached up and broke off a piece of the sky and eat. Sometimes the sky tasted like ripe pandanus. Other times it tasted like fried fish. The sky was always delicious.


People in the village spent their time playing sports and dancing. At night they sang songs and told stories. The island king, Ueantabo, had a wonderful island. His people made beautiful necklaces out of pieces of sky.


Many people on the king’s island did not use the gift of the sky wisely. When they took more than they could eat, the sky became angry because some people threw the extra pieces onto the ground.


Early one morning the angry sky turned dark. Black clouds hung over the land and a great sky voice said to all the people, “You are wasting my gift of food. Do not take more than you can eat. I don’t want to see pieces of me lying on the ground anymore or I will take my gift away.”


The king and his people trembled with fear. King Ueantabo warned, “Let’s be careful about how much food we take.” For a long time, all the villagers were careful.


But one man named Nabuabeka wasn’t careful. At the feast, he took so many delicious pieces of sky that he couldn’t eat them. He knew he must not throw them away so he hid the extra pieces at the bottom of the coconut basket.


Suddenly the sky saw what Nabuabeka did and became angry. “You have wasted my gift of food again,” yelled the sky. “This time I will go away so you cannot waste me anymore.”


All the people cried, “ What will we eat?” We might starve!”


The sky said, “You will have to learn how to plant crops in the ground and hunt the fish in the sea. If you work hard, you may learn not to waste the gift of the land and ocean.”


Everyone watched as the sky went up and away from the earth. It stayed far away from them. People began to work hard growing plants and going out fishing for their food.


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