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Stories From Kiribati


Landscape & Seascape Landscape & Seascape Colourful Weeds Inside of one of the dried bonds located behind the Fish Farm at Ananau Causeway Bonriki. I took this photo about 2 years ago. What I like much about this photo are the varying colours and the layers of weeds that nearly covered the bottom of the whole area. 205626924 Ocean waves Beautiful ocean waves that are responsible for the washing away of our low islands :-) 184752397 Ocean side Ocean side of Temwaiku during low tide at mid morning hours. 178497939 Reef Long exposure taken during golden hour at ocean side of Bikenibeu 185308649 Waves Ocean side waves taken during low tide and stormy weather 177626869 Lonely mangrove Standing alone on the muddy area of Bonriki lagoon 178497940 Rocks Afternoon view of rocks beside the Dai Nippon causeway connecting Betio and Bairiki 180653291 Water splash Taken just as waves smashed onto this rock. 177626870 Beside Dai Nippon causeway Sunrise at the Dai Nippon causeway 179775096 Fishermen I was shooting at the Nippon bridge when this boat just appeared through the bridge passage - fishermen returning home from their night fishing 179775097 Temwaiku Pond One of the ponds at Temwaiku 180506667 Ren Tree Unique spot for a unique tree 180811695 206473831 206473832 206473833