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Stories From Kiribati


Places Places War Memorial War memorial at Temakin Betio. In memory and honor of those died during WW2 that took place here. 176547736 Parliament 1 As you know, Kiribati House of Parliament is surrounded by sea. Here's the western side view of the area during high tide in the afternoon. 186375988 Betio Harbour Inside the dock of Betio Harbour 178109063 Road Junction Road junction connecting Bonriki airport, Temwaiku and te Kotiwei (Nawerewere). 205651000 Containers Lagoon side of KPA where containers are kept. I was standing on the old jetty while shooting this scene. 176547731 Old Gun One of the machine guns used during WW2 on Betio Tarawa located at Temakin. 178110200 Airport Part of Bonriki airport - building shown is customs office. 174860801 Parliament 2 View of Parliament House at Ambo - from the main road 178109064 Japanese Gun Here's another Japanese machine gun left behind from WW2 and located toward the tip of Takoronga in Betio. 181754038 USP Kiribati Campus I shot this few months back. This is how the building looks like from this location. 205604808 Dai Nippon Bridge B&W view of Dai Nippon causeway bridge - early morning 179945590 Bonriki Terminal Part of the Bonriki terminal 181753716 Trading Store B&W of Taotin Trading at Teaoraereke 181753718 Gun Another remains of WW2 - one of the machine guns used during the war - location is Takoronga Betio Tarawa. 181754037 Road Building Road building of Ananau causeway Bonriki 190234827 206473812 206473813 206473814