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Stories From Kiribati


Flowers Flowers Kaura flower Flower of the kaura plants which grow wildly beside the road. 176589942 Rooti Flower taken at Taiwan Temwaiku 176543262 Ruku Ruku flower - it's growing beside the Eco farm pond 174347837 Marou 176212655 Weeds Enjoying the side of the pond at the Eco Farm 174347838 Mainaina 176212661 My daughter found this one and called me to take a picture of it. She found it beside the road. Have no idea what the name is and seemed first time to see it. 176589941 Itoi 176212662 Mangrove flower Flowers of the mangrove tree. 176589944 Ngea flower Flowers of the ngea tree. Pedals had fallen off leaving seeds behind. 176589945 Booi flower Taken with Nikon d3100 and Tamron Macro lens. 205587080