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Stories From Kiribati


Sunset & Sunrise Sunset & Sunrise Bikenibeu sunset Natural sunset shot at the lagoon of Bikeinibeu - Tarawa. 183926878 Lets go swim Ocean side somewhere at the tip of Temwaiku 184752398 Reflection Pointing into the pond beside the small causeway at Temwaiku 181505463 Teen at sunset Walking home in the afternoon 181505462 Bairiki Sunset I really like taking shots of sunsets! This one is taken somewhere between Nanikaai and Bairiki village - lagoon side of the BPA antenae. 181753777 Reflection Early morning scene. Reflection is 100% real - no colour manipulation 174119942 Looking at Sunset A teen looking at the beautiful sunset that afternoon - he's standing inside one of the ponds there. 181753778 Ocean side It's during high tide - waves coming onto the rocks 174497656 Afternoon Hour I like shooting at this time of the day - golden hours. Here's one of them. Hope you like the scene and the colours :-) 190851412 Amazing Clouds I thought I would never be able to come across this kind of cloud formation. I caught this over Bonriki. 190851413 Colorful Just after the sun gone down 194202588 Looking at sunset Looking at sunset from the airfield Bonriki - one of my favourite sunset sites 194202589 Burning village That's Nanikaai in-front of a red sky 194607048 206473838 206473839 206473840