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Stories From Kiribati


Black & White Black & White Old Jetty Old jetty at Betio harbour 178127223 Face What are you looking at? 178127224 Rocky Rocky ocean side in B&W 183978737 Pandanus Branches and leaves of pandanus tree. 178841362 Betio Wharf These types of ferries are quite popular in our waters. They are important means of transportation for cargo and passengers among the islands. Most of them were built of woods by the local builders. This spot is part of Betio wharf where these ferries usually come and go. Surely these three are waiting for their next departures. The area looks deserted and quiet and that's because the image was taken in the morning. 205668210 Kitten Resting on her mother's side 178127222 BPA antenae It's the BPA broadcasting antenna located at the western end of Nanikaai village 181643725 Smiling Part of a smiling face 179358417 Road building Building of Ananau causeway road 190455471 Bridge Bridge at the Dai Nippon causeway between Betio and Bairiki 179945553 Love Lantern light 190488476 Mirror That's me shooting into the mirror and the lagoon 191025751